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Why housing affordability for current and future generations is a big concern for this advisor
In the Behind the Advice series, we ask advisors about their relationship with money from a young age, lessons learned over the years, and how their experiences influence the advice they give clients today.
Six stocks to benefit from the aging baby boomer trend
Baby boomers represent about 25 per cent of Canada's population, and baby boomer households hold an average of $1.2-million in net worth, accounting for about 50 per cent of the country's wealth, according to Statistics Canada.
Here are 12 stocks money managers think you should own for the long term
For long-term investors, the focus should be on companies with predictable cash flows that generate strong returns on invested capital and have opportunities to reinvest and earn a high incremental return, says one portfolio manager.
Why this money manager is betting on global food and entertainment giants
While some investors believe a sharp economic downtown is on the horizon, money manager Christine Poole sees some moderating factors that could lessen the pain.
Four experts on investing risk and outlook for 2023
Though inflation, interest rates and geopolitical risks concern investors, a silver lining of market turmoil is a sharp rise in bond yields.
Further market turbulence appears inevitable as Canadian earnings season commences
Investors are bracing for a rocky earnings season to roll out in Canada in the weeks ahead as companies continue to absorb the impacts of higher inflation and borrowing costs that have consumer watching their wallets.
This is a big week for earnings in both Canada and the U.S. Here’s what to watch out for
Investors are scouring second-quarter earnings reports, including a flurry landing in Canada and the U.S. this week, for signs of an economic slowdown and just how bad it could get.
Canada set to outperform global markets on boost from energy and agriculture stocks
Home bias is often considered a negative for Canadian investors, but too much Canada could be a good thing in today’s market environment.
How Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is affecting investments in the agriculture sector
Many agriculture stocks and exchange-traded funds have surged in recent weeks and are trading at or near all-time highs.
‘Be an investor, not a trader’: Money manager Christine Poole’s best tips and stock picks for the moment
While many investors have been waiting out the recent market volatility, money manager Christine Poole has been busy buying.
Travel stocks expected to rebound when pandemic subsides
Travel stocks have been all over the map since the pandemic hit two years ago: Most plummeted when the first wave of COVID-19 lockdowns happened, then they slowly started to crawl their way back before being knocked down again amid the fallout from the Omicron variant.
Decoding 2022
The Globe asked dozens of experts – from economists and strategists to investors and academics – to make sense of the economy in the year ahead. These are the charts they think are important to watch and why.
What portfolio managers are looking at heading into 2022
More COVID-19 uncertainty, inflation, interest rate hikes, shifting economic backdrop could make it an interesting year.
How are Canadian portfolio managers preparing for higher interest rates? We asked four of them
Markets this month rose to fresh record highs even as surging inflation put pressure on central banks to move up their timeline for interest rate hikes and begin a new cycle of monetary tightening.
Globe and Mail - U.S. Federal Reserve signals plans to ease bond buying, adding to market jitters
When compared with the economic carnage caused by the pandemic last spring, this year’s second-quarter earnings season is expected to be one big love-in.
Globe and Mail - Three stock picks from GlobeInvest’s Christine Poole amid a volatile week in the markets
The U.S. Federal Reserve signalled plans to begin pulling back on its easy-money policies later this year, adding to unease in the markets alongside signs the fast-paced economic recovery may be shifting down a gear.
Globe and Mail - The second-quarter earnings season is about to begin. Here’s what Canadian investors should expect
While the rapid spread of the Delta coronavirus variant has led to a spike in market volatility in recent days, longer-term investors would be wise to stay the course, according to money manager Christine Poole.
Globe and Mail - Where do stocks and bond yields go from here? BMO, Rosenberg, BlackRock and other market watchers weigh in
Value stocks, those chronic underperformers of the market that suffered a further blow as the pandemic took hold last year, have been on the comeback trail in 2021.
Globe and Mail - Canadian money managers weigh in on the latest market mayhem- and what they’re buying and selling
Record-setting markets and the social-media-driven investor protest against short sellers that has sent stocks such as GameStop Corp.GME-N soaring has investors worried about a market bubble that could soon burst.
Globe and Mail - Why portfolio manager Christine Poole likes utilities and her three picks in the sector
Portfolio manager Christine Poole is cautious about the bounce back in stock markets since the March slump.
Globe and Mail - This earnings season will be awful. But there’s a silver lining
The coming earnings season will contain some disturbing content. Investor discretion is advised.
BNN Bloomberg - Investors look to existing pipelines as new projects face major hurdles
There’s no denying it – getting a major pipeline project built is becoming a lot more difficult.
Globe and Mail - How Canadian fund managers are reacting to the coronavirus selloff - and what they’re buying and selling
The global spread of the coronavirus is hammering global markets, leaving investors to wonder if they should sell stocks, or if it’s time to buy at cheaper prices.
Financial Post - Still betting on Warren Buffett: Berkshire Hathaway and 9 other stocks that could break out in 2020
Ten portfolio managers pick one stock in their portfolios they feel could outperform the pack this year.
BNN Bloomberg - Boeing to Pembina: Money managers`2020 stocks to watch
What makes or breaks a stock can be hard to predict, because oftentimes the headlines just don’t move the needle. That’s as true this year as any other.
Globe and Mail - What portfolio manager Christine Poole is thinking and buying amid the stock market selloff
Portfolio manager Christine Poole is getting a lot of the same questions from investors amid the recent market pullbacks.
Globe and Mail - When to push the sell button on a stock
On March 23, 2010, the investment team at Toronto-based GlobeInvest Capital Management determined shares in the offshore oil driller Transocean Ltd. were priced well below their true value – and it was time to buy.
Globe and Mail - Why this high-net-worth fund manager is buying Fortis, Enbridge and Canadian banks
The main question Christine Poole gets from investors these days is when – or if – the Canadian economy will start to recover.