Success happens over time,
through sustained focus.

That's how we built our firm, and it's how we help our clients grow their wealth.


Take out the middle man.

We're a tight-knit team accessible through a direct line of communication.


Segregated accounts,
customized portfolios.

Find out how you can benefit from advanced strategies and a global outlook.


From 'on the air,' to online.

Get topical insights from our video library of recent BNN segments.


Independence makes a world of difference.

There is a lot of complexity in the markets, in portfolio design, and in managing risk, but some things should be simple - like your investment advice.

What's needed is an uncomplicated picture of where you're headed, a clear understanding of how your interests are being served, and a direct line of communication with the decision-maker behind your portfolio. That's how you get advice that provides clarity, and support that takes the worry of investing off your shoulders.

Typical Approach

  • Mutual funds and preferred products
  • Pooled funds
  • Exclusive to localized investments
  • Limited access to providers
  • Passive management
  • Commissions and trailer fees

GlobeInvest Approach

  • Select individual securities
  • Segregated custom portfolios
  • Seek out global opportunities
  • Explore multiple research providers
  • Continuous, active analysis
  • Fee-based objective advice